Calle La Marina, 40 - Los Abrigos
Tfno: +34 922 74 98 56

Restaurant specialized in Rice dishes

Rice in broth, Fideuà, Seafood Paella...


Excellent selection of seafood

We offer grilled seafood and fish


Restaurant Bahía Los Abrigos

We will make you feel at home


Chillout terrace with breathtaking sea views

You can also have a drink while enjoying amazing views over the Bay of Los Abrigos


Specialized in Salted Fresh fish

The only restaurant in Los Abrigos that offers it

Chillout terrace

Restaurante Bahía Los Abrigos
For a drink or coffe with spectacular views of the Los Abrigos bay and 50 seats

What are you waiting for?


paella de mariscos callout
We have such excellent rice dishes as Rice in broth, Seafood Paella and Fideua.

What more could you ask for?

Fresh fish salt

bahia los abrigos callout
Do not miss the opportunity to taste our unique and delicious fresh fish salt.

Enjoy fine cuisine!

Grilled Seafood and Fish

parrllada de mariscos y pescado callout
Grilled Seafood including Oysters, Razor-shells, Mussels, Clams, Crawfish, Carabinieris and fish

What about good wine?

Restaurant Bahía Los Abrigos is the ultimate venue for  eating Salted-Fresh Fish in Los Abrigos Tenerife South.

You may also taste all kinds of seafood products, such as Grilled seafood (Razor-shells, Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Crawfish, Lobsters, Carabinieris) and Fish ( Groupers, Snappers, “Samas”, “Cabrillas,  Alfonsinos, Blackmouth catshark, Sea bass, Sea bream, Rooster fish, “Bicudas”, “Pejes Perros”, Red Mullets).

Most particularly, we offer a wide range of rice dishes (Rice in broth, Fideuá, Seafood Paella, Seafood Spaghetti).

Do not forget that  we have a Chillout Terrace on the top floor where you can have a drink  and contemplate  stunning views over Los Abrigos Bay, a charming fishing village.

We are looking forward to welcoming you…